metagloss 0.0.2

Package net.sf.metagloss.xml

Provides classes for binding XML data to objects.


Class Summary
DOMFeeder The DOMFeeder is capable of injecting XMLBind-annotated objects from XML sources.
DOMUtils Utility class for dealing with XML DOM data.

Exception Summary
XMLBindException Thrown when an error relating to an XMLBind annotation occurs.

Annotation Types Summary
XMLBind Annotation to mark setters for data injection from an XML document.

Package net.sf.metagloss.xml Description

Provides classes for binding XML data to objects.

Data classes dealing with XML may annotate the class with XMLBind to provide a simple mechanism for translating XML data into java objects.

The DOMFeeder class operates on XML documents, injecting objects annotated with XMLBind.

DOMFeeder usage
DOMFeeder feeder = new DOMFeeder(hostElementsList);
while (
    Host host = new Host(); // setters annotated with @XMLBind